Saturday, 16 April 2011

Well Well Well

With all the buzz on fashion week flitting around, everyone's falling over themselves in a frenzy over the Autumn/Winter collections (namely me) -- and I realised that we actually haven't discussed this season here. I know it's a little late and all, but I like to say my piece, so whatever.

Let's begin with trends. For Spring/Summer, there was practically a whole Bible of trends - I'm not even kidding. Even a professional fashionista with a platinum American Express card and far too much time on her hands would have difficulty updating her wardrobe to its true 'in-season' potential. So I thought I would select four of my favourites, which strangely, are four of the easiest to get your hands on, girlies -- NO excuses. As demonstrated by Jason Wu, D&G, Roberto Cavalli and Cacharel above.

Blue: whether its top-to-toe denim or a flowing, poetic maxi dress; blue in all it's hues, but especially aquamarine, is the go-to-colour of the season. Think sea, sky and blueberry margarita. Florals: hello festival fashion and fancy frocks; in bright, colourful, loud prints - all mish-mashed together of course; why not add a splash of fruit for a retro feel (finally, my banana earrings can come out of hiding). Handicraft: crochet, macrame, fringe - you name it! Keep it neutral and steer clear of boho, and you can't go wrong. Tangerine: now this almost screams summer. If orange is a little adventurous for you, my darlings, whack on a shade to tone it down - gold or turquoise perhaps - but please please please, get a tan for this look. There's nothing worse than looking like a cough medicine bottle with a gleaming white cap, chicas.

Okay, so I'm gonna totally big up Cavalli right now, because I feel like he deserves it. Let me tell you a little story. About four years ago, my rather wealthy Auntie bought me a Roberto Cavalli chiffon scarf, which was beautiful of course, but it didn't 'wow' me as such. This prompted me to spend my day sifting through the runway shots on of his then Spring collection (2007), and I really wasn't impressed. It was all dainty, girly, pussybow-ish gowns and things, which would never have been my first choice. And I remember saying at the time, if Cavalli ever does a collection that super-impresses me, I shall shout it from the rooftops and rave like a rave-machine. *Deep Breath* SO -- there you go. This season, each of the pieces are spectular, almost beyond words. The handicraft, the fringe, the seemingly-effortless way it's all been put together. Like Snake Valley meets Sin City meets Neutrals meets Britney circa 'I'm Not A Girl'. By the way, those silver, skinny, ripped up, tassled trousers... I'd trade a hand for those. Yeah, I said it.

Dolce & Gabbana certainly had some beautiful pieces, and I particularly appreciated the way their set-designs were so well-coordinated with the clothes -- but otherwise, it was all a little 'meh'. I mean usually, I'm the one going around acting like D&G pay me to advertise, but their A/W collections are so much stronger than their S/S. Take 2009; see what I mean?

Gucci paid homage to the colour-blocking trend this season, favouring jewel-colours especially. It was all neat hair and Freja Beha Erichsen looking fierce in crimson lipstick -- drool. I'm loving the deep-v necklines on their bright blouses; although it's not really an every-woman style. Snaps for having Emmanuelle Alt (Paris Vogue) and Bryan Boy (icon and fashion divaaaa) on your front row though. Bravo, bravo.

Oh Miu Miu, how I love you. I do, I do. You never fail to impress me. You never let me down. And I'm totally getting David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust vibes from those jackets. Om nom nom. 

Hello ready-to-wear that looks like a resort collection. I can't be too harsh on Prada, at least not for Spring. The colours used are impeccable, really fab. I love how it exudes youthful vibrance but still has that classy air -- fun but flash. And the tribal element from the incorporated prints is definitely not too much. That LBD with the rainbow monkey print is so cute, it's almost a crime.

Emilio Pucci, a man after my own heart. It's beyond words. Really. But I will say, two of my favourite pieces from all the Spring shows were from Pucci - thigh high gladiator sandals (I've convinced myself that if I buy those, Brad Pitt will one hundred percent become Achilles from Troy and whisk me away in a Vera Wang-esque chariot... sigh) and that dress... THAT black, maxi, criss-cross dress. I'm in heaven.

Before we go any further... Louis Vuitton, WHAT were you thinking?! Please, someone tell me before I commit fashion-related suicide. No words...

And now we have Alexander McQueen. Officially my favourite of the season. We salute you, sir. Initially, I didn't know whether Sarah Burton would be able to carry on the McQueen legacy with the style and vision that the man himself presented; but really sweetheart, you've done a fabulous job. The flair, the nature-reminiscent colour, the trademark prints -- all still there, all still breathtaking. My biggest applause has to go to the hair and make-up team this season, however. I actually gasped, paused and had to rewind when I was watching the footage; the models looked so much like the insect prints they were wearing, it was uncanny. Genious. I've got to get me some of those feelers for the next time I'm attention-seeking in a bar; and one of those straw-coloured, paper-like sweetheart dresses wouldn't go amiss either. BIG love.

I had to include a Betsey Johnson dress. Because she's fabulous, like me. Hello S&M choker...

As for the accesories, here are some of my favourites. Of course the timeless Alexander McQueen butterfly wedges that would make Thumbelina green with jealousy, and the neon beauties from Miu Miu - which I tried to recreate, but my lecturer thought I was wearing a costume for a clown themed party, and made me remove them immediately; no taste - which were a highlight of the runway this season. Oh, and there's a snippet of the Euro-inspired hair and make-up from Vivienne Westwood which I thought was very nineties, tween, cartoon-ish; like Barbie on crack.

[Prada ad; Spring/Summer 2011]

 GOD that took forever. I never want to see Spring again after that. Now where are my floral espadrilles...

Sparkle and Shine.

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