Sunday, 17 April 2011

So We Kinda Need To Talk About: The Craft (Spoiler Alert)

Ever since my dad made me watch The Craft a couple of years ago, I've been pretty much obsessed. It's one of those films you watch the first time and think 'what the hell is this crap?'; and then secretly skulk around like some sort of weirdo fan, plotting when you can next watch it without people beginning to tack on that you're actually slightly insane and might have a problem.  

I mean, originally I loved it because of that cool, totally above it all, outcast but sexy, witchy vibe that the four main characters pulled off so well; but then I started noticing that their clothes were the reason they pulled it of so well. They looked the part. They're 'hot'.

The costumes portray the mood; each girl's personality. Like when Nancy is slinking through the party in that D&G-esque floor-length leather coat and spidery fishnets, looking to take revenge on Chris. She looked like she would rip your head off in that outfit -- and that's kind of awesome. Or when Bonnie arrives late to class after she's become all beautiful, wearing a tight, cropped white sweater and a Catholic school girl kilt -- it's every guy's dream!

And the outfits are so easy to recreate too. Seriously, go into any thrift store or vintage shop with a decent stock, and you're bound to find some bitchin' goth boots or a studded choker from the eighties or a printed 'burn out' tee. Magic -- literally!

I've collected some images to get you into the mood for this fabulous film. Enjoy chicas. 

Sparkle and Shine.

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