Monday, 18 April 2011

Now Is Anybody Going To Listen To My Story, All About The Girl Who Came To Stay

My sister Angelica and I had the most wonderful morning dressing up and pretending to be elves and princesses and fairies and such, in the woodland next to our house. It's been the most beautiful Spring day, so it was the perfect time for a photo shoot. We did get a little stung and bitten by bugs -- but it was worth it!

I wanted to go for a Spring pastel-y, ethereal kind of look... so I hope that's conveyed. I was thinking MiuMiu cum Zac Posen cum Alice in Wonderland. All of these were taken by Angelica.

[Ice Blue Prom Dress: Asos, Lace and Macrame Skirt: Thrifted, Chiffon Musical Instrument Scarf: Roberto Cavalli, Tiara: from when I was little]

Sparkle and Shine.

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