Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sneak Peak, Yes?

Finally, it's come back around to my favourite time of the year again: post-fashion-week for the Autumn/Winter collections. And this time, the findings are so delicious, it's almost a crime. An abundance of jewel-coloured fur, fabulous fabrics, prints galore and elegant forties glamour -- this really is a season to covet. Prepare for a perpetual hangover too, because if the hue aint boozy, bin it. I mean, I can pretend I have no preference - because all the collections were particularly strong these past weeks - but then I would be lying to myself, and to you, my darling readers, and that would be no way to go about things now, would it? So, I shall just spew a reel of excitable, child-at-Christmas-like spiel in hope of expressing my opinion. Gucci is my No.1 -- I mean seriously, Frida Giannini did them proud. The long-line snakeskin jacket (ohmygahd!), amethyst and emerald fox fur stoles (strangled gasp of exitement) and wide-brim trilbies in a variety of delectable shades (hello seductive detective moment), all combined to create a forties-meet-seventies, Faye Dunaway-esque collection, served as my highlights of the show. Absolute heaven.

What did I tell you? That lipstick is giving me a 'The Craft' with a hint of ladylike elegance vibe, so won't be far away from my makeup case when the leaves start to fall,  I can assure you.

I particularly enjoyed the fresh, youthful feel of Burberry's collection. The bright woolen coats and abundnce of checks reminded me of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. Especially the fabulous tangerine version above. And who wouldn't want to dress like the preppy queen of Manhattan?

Feeling a bit of Clueless chic here. Despite the dalmatian print flat cap that looks like something I would dig out of my great aunt's wardrobe, pretend to hate, and then wear constantly in the secrecy of my bedroom pretending to be Cruella Deville (who happens to be one of my all time fashion icons, thank you)

Oh Chanel -- the post-apocalyptic setting, the beatiful smoky tweed jacket and masculine lines... no words can do this justice.

Oh My Gahd. My slightly unhealthy obsession with sequins really has been realised. Isn't this just the most wonderful sight you have ever seen?  I love the way that it's like sequin overload (hardly), but it works.

Hemlines are still lowlowlow. Sorry ladies, you'll have to get all your knicker-flashing out of your system this summer.

Victoria Beckham is known to have expensive taste in wine, and clearly she's transferred that taste into her collection this season, demonstrated here by this sweater dress (which granted, looks a little like a hooded slanket) in a delicious tone of Cabernet (sigh). And it must be mentioned -- those matching knee-high boots are to-die-for. 

Givenchy - classy but creative. An interesting pallette this season and some adorable prints. And is that see-through mesh I see there? Hello, Lady Gaga glamour.

Prada is usually a little serious for my taste, but this sexy two-piece really did the trick. The no-fuss hair and oversized goggles are a perfect accompaniment too.

Naughty Galliano... but it has to be said, his final collection almost does him justice, almost.

Hail to the return of sixties influence. Bright colours, little shift dresses and a whole load of fun with fashion -- Twiggy would be proud. Donatella wowed me this season with this flirty, fringed shift in a multi-colour, geometric print. It's kind of futuristic Barbie-meets-candy store robot. Adorable.

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