Monday, 18 April 2011

'In The Evening, I've Got To Roam, Can't Sleep In The City Of Neon And Chrome'

On Friday night, my friends and I went to see a local production of Rent. I totally thought it was gonna be a night of comedy, but seriously, it was so so so gooood!! It really got me back in the mood for musicals; 'cause I love 'em. Then I was inspired to put together an outfit that Mimi - a young female character who works at an S&M dance club - might wear. She's my favourite character and always looks drop dead gorgeous throughout the show -- like effortless, sexy, rock chic.

My younger sister shot these in our garden this morning -- sorry about the quality of the pictures, we were using an old camera. It isn't so much about the clothes, it's more about the mood and the atmosphere and everything combined.

[Black & White Printed Tee: Asos, Random Necklaces, Wet-Look Leggings: H&M, Combat Boots: Thrifted]

Sparkle and Shine.

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